Norway’s Performing Rights Society
Cato Strøm, Managing Director

“Maren displayes an impressive list of merits and a highly qualified artistic resume. Maren is one of the most talented young player-composers in the country and we are excited to support an artist with such international potential.”

Norwegian Jazz Forum

Tore Flesjø, managing director

“Maren is a rare talent and she became a member of the Norwegian Jazz Forum after being recommended by critically accomplished Norwegian musicians. She has on several occasions received grants for her own tours and projects. She has been presented as an up-and-coming artist in the leading Norwegian Jazz magazine and NJF member magazine “Jazznytt” where her shows and CDs have been reviewed. Maren is a unique composer and pianist.”


Jan Granli, Managing director

“Maren Selvaag has absolute possibilities and talents to become a pianist we will hear more from. She writes beautiful compositions and she is a charmer of class on stage”

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