Frøy Aagre Electric

I had the great pleasure of playing with jazz saxophonist and composer Frøy Aagre and her electric project at the Dølajazz Lilehammer Jazz festival. The music she has written for this project is catchy and complex. Under the surface of rock-inspired tunes you find a complex structure of polyrhythm, metric modulations and long detailed forms. Learning all of the material by heart without scores was quite the puzzle and ear training challenge, and the piano parts include playing bass with your feet on midi-pedals with a Minitaur synthesizer. How I had a spare moment to close my eyes while coordinating hands, feet, rhythm, structure, effect pedals for the synth and the rhodes remains a mystery.

We got a fantastic review in the local newspaper, read it here

and listen to the music here (pianist Andreas Ulvo is on the recording)



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