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Artist residence at Gjendesheim

Foto: Anki Grøthe

I’ve always had a dream of combining my passion for music and nature. I contacted DNT (Norwegian Trekking Association) hoping that we could collaborate, and they immediately invited me to play at the opening of their new facilities at Youngstorget. I showed up with a Steinway B grand piano, which we - not without challenge - carried to the 2nd floor. With beautiful visuals made by photographer Anki Grøthe, I played some of my own compositions and told stories from my adventures in the mountains.

Foto: Anki Grøthe

After the conference, I received an email with the title «DNT wants to hear more from you». I was so excited and instantly knew I had to deliver something special. They wanted a musical feature for their conference «Grønnere utsikter/A greener outlook». I suggested that I could compose an original piece if I could travel to one of their cabins on an artist residence.

They liked the idea, and only four days later I was on my way to Gjendesheim Tourist Lodge in Jotunheimen.The project «Parkert Pino/Parked Piano» wanted to contribute and gave us a brand new piano for the occasion, which I transported all the way from Oslo. 

Foto: Anki Grøthe

I wanted to create an audiovisual piece with the theme of sustainability and invited photographer Anki Grøthe to join me on the trip. We went for walks, worked, and met a wide range of people who were hiking - many whom had Besseggen as their destination. One had survived cancer seven times, others had barely gone for a hike before - yet they all went out on the strenuous trip to Bessengen.


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